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Friday, November 17, 2006

The International Fair

This is International Week at the U. of Maryland, and MEI's contribution was an International Fair, put on this afternoon by our wonderful students. There were displays from nine countries: Saudi Arabia, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, Cameroon, and Greece (I hope I remembered all of them!). Some of the displays were done by a single student: we have only one student from Japan, Cameroon, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Ecuador, and Greece (and two from Thailand) this semester, but these students still managed to create colorful, interesting, and/or delicious displays to represent their nations. Taiwan, Korea, and Saudi Arabia, with larger groups of students, went "all out". There was a lot of really yummy food and drink, so I spent most of the time eating. There was a Chinese clear noodle dish, Greek pita bread with tzatziki and stuffed grape leaves, and Korean "pizza" (like a seafood omelet, extremely delicious!). There was Korean corn "tea", Chinese bubble tea, and Arabian coffee. There were Arabian dates, Kazakh candies and sweets, and Chinese rice cakes. There was music from many countries, a slideshow showing pictures from many countries, brochures, maps, books, posters, pictures, and...people! A lot of people visited our fair from the university community, and I felt so proud of the wonderful job the students had done.

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  • I think everyone enjoy this fair very much!! Thoughout this fair, people can get more information in other country culture.

    By Blogger Jenniferho, at 9:04 AM  

  • I had a good time looking at the pictures you took at the festival! It was interesting for me to see the woman(Tomoko?) who wore Kimono and the man who wore Arabic clothes were in the picture together. Also, looking at the pictures of the foods and your comments about them made me hungry!

    By Blogger Hiromi, at 1:17 PM  

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