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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another Field Trip!

Today, the 003 and 004 classes, together with their teachers (Aaron, Harriet, and me), traveled to Washington, D.C. We first went to the Library of Congress, where we had a small tour of the Jefferson Building, which in my opinion is the most beautiful building in Washington. The docent who showed us around did a great job. He spoke loudly and clearly and did not use words that were too difficult. I think the students were impressed not only by the beauty of the Library's interior but also by the astonishing statistics, such as that the Library owns materials in 450 different languages and acquires new items at a rate of 10,000 per day!

Following our tour, we gave everyone half an hour to explore on their own. I went to the American Treasures exhibit. It was interesting; I need more time to go back and see more. At about 11:45, we took the metro to the National Building Museum. I wanted the 003s to see the Green House exhibit. We had read about it in class, and I hope they found it interesting.

At 1:00, a few students returned to College Park with Aaron, and the rest went with Harriet and me to H Street (Chinatown), where we all had lunch at Full Key Chinese restaurant; and then we returned to UM.


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