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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Terps beat Blue Devils 1-0

On Friday, the UM Terrapins played arch-rival Duke University at Ludwig Field. I don't think soccer games are usually so well-attended, but this one was different--maybe because it was the same time as the Stamp Union All-Niter, or maybe just because it was Duke. Anyway, if you tried to attend the game and couldn't get a ticket, I am sorry.

I had gotten my tickets earlier in the afternoon, so my husband and I were at the game. However, there were so many people that we couldn't park near Ludwig Field; we had to go all the way back to Holzapfel! As a result, we missed seeing the goal, which happened early in the game. When we finally got in, there weren't any seats at all. People were standing on the grassy hills behind the bleachers. We finally found a place to stand and then sit on the steps of some bleachers.

Some of you won't believe this, but this was the first soccer game I had ever watched! It was really exciting--lots of action! Both teams played well, but no one scored again, although the Terps almost got another goal (it was offside, I think). The atmosphere was electric; the crowd got really excited!

There were many parents with small children there. These kids are the new soccer-loving generation of Americans. Soccer has never been very popular here compared to football, basketball, and baseball, but recently it has been gaining in popularity. I think most of those kids play soccer in PE (Physical Education) or after school. When they grow up, they will continue to play and watch soccer, making it more popular. Maybe someday, there will be a soccer stadium at UM as big as the football stadium!

Did any of you see the game? (It was also on TV.) Did anyone go to the All-Niter?

Today is October 1. I wish you all a good month! I'll see you on Tuesday.


  • Hi, Nina

    I am happy for our university team, in fact I couldn't watch this match because I was very busy.

    I hope for you a good month

    By Blogger saoud, at 1:44 PM  

  • The sports are very popular in U. S. and most of people like to watch any kind of sport match. Recently, I also notice that there are more and more kids like to play soccer in my community. I think the soccer will be the most fashion sport in the future

    By Blogger Jenniferho, at 8:16 PM  

  • Hi,
    I am very happy
    Maryland the best......
    Maryland the winner........

    Have a nice month

    By Blogger essa-mei2006, at 11:58 PM  

  • I was there....., I was looking to see you there,but I couldn’t, because of the attenders number.

    I am happy, and I enjoyed with my friends.


    By Blogger AMER, at 6:00 PM  

  • Amer, I am glad you were able to get tickets! I felt bad about that. Where did you sit? Actually it's not surprising that we didn't see each other because there were so many people!

    By Blogger Nina Liakos, at 6:22 PM  

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